Paper Pulp Printer

A paper revolution is coming! From both my interest in sustainability and fascination for tools and techniques grew the idea of a 3D printer to recycle paper.

There is a growing market for 3D printing on demand. Printing your own designs, or from an existing model library, is widely accessible these days. The print material is almost always plastic, besides some expensive exceptions. I was surprised there are no real sustainable materials used in 3D printing.

A great starting point for my challenge to create the worlds first paper pulp printer. Fuelled with our enormous amount of paper waste: 80kg per person per year! The result is a 3D printer using paper pulp that only takes a little of natural binder which makes the products endlessly recyclable.

The design of the printed objects are using the possibilities and beauty of this technique. The tactile experience, bold lines and print speed results in distinctive shapes. The objects are also durable: Printed paper is surprisingly strong.