Tactstrap is a wearable around your ankle that communicates via a tactile interface, using an intuitive language which is easy to understand. It brings the communication with smart devices to a whole new level.

Tactile interfaces allows us to communicate without the cognitive load of reading or listening. Our sense of touch is uniquely designed to process information quickly, often without the neural round trip to the brain. Our skin processes subconsciously.

The Tactstrap makes it possible to seamlessly and hands free navigate through complicated journeys, taking care of your time management and agenda. This device is also a perfect tool for sporters, giving realtime feedback on speed, time and heartbeat.

The strap is equipped with eight haptic emitters which communicates directly with the sensitive skin of your ankle. The emitters are connected to a mobile device with a bluetooth connection. A special language translates app commands to clearly distinguishable signals.

The complete new tactile interface of the Tactstrap creates endless new possibilities to develop apps for.


This project won the René Smeets Award 2018!

Quote of the jury:
“Beer knows how to funnel super-smart technology into a base that both works and surprises,” said the jury. “Beer designed a new application that emphasises haptic information processing in lieu of continuous visual input. A smart design with manifold interesting applications for ease of use, for example in sports or care.”

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